With a little bit effort we can built an antenna with some gain; the loop. The length of the wire is a full-wave.
And the shape will help with the gain as shown below:

We are going to make the 50 ohm variant, b= 3822mm and a= 1910mm.
It's a bigger antenna but good results, about 2 dB more gain then a dipole.
And in spite how it looks, horizontal polarization.

It could be build like a quad or a moxon with fishing rods. Wire 1,5mm, sizes:
Total length wire: 11.464mm
1= 1910mm
2= 3822mm
3= 1910mm
4= 3822mm

Below you see the SWR, workable from 27,2 till 27,9 MHz.
Less band width then a dipole.