Invented by Les Moxon, G6XN, the MOXON is a stealthy gain antenna that's inexpensive and fun to build.
It's a great Saturday antenna project especially for new DX'rs seeking their first gain antenna.
This antenna can be mounted on a simple push-up mast and rotated by hand or with an inexpensive light duty rotor.
The Moxon is especially attractive to DX'rs who want to avoid purchasing more expensive towers and rotors and desire a
directional antenna. For their size they're high performance antennas that lend themselves well
to the spirit of experimentation.

No two Moxons antennas are the same! The physical dimensions certainly are, but how the elements are
constructed and suspended varies substantially.
The best place to start is at the beginning, so visit Moxon 2 element.

Performance is what counts! After you build one (try building a small one for 11, 6 or 2 meters) and you'll
agree that based on gain and F:B, the Moxon Rectangle is a superb antenna that is fun to build,
works like a champ and is virtually indestructible. And they're great for portable field operating as well.
They're my favorite antenna for Field Day and a great antenna to build for summertime 6 meter band openings.